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Alternative Personals

Online dating sites can attract millions of singles all over the country, but for many, the large dating sites do not always cater to the right kind of crowd.  For those with specific, non-mainstream dating preferences, there are now alternative personals sites.  Alternative personals are dating sites for individuals and couple’s who are looking for intimate, romantic, or platonic relationships that may fall outside of the norm.  For example, there are alternative personals for vegetarians; gay, lesbian, or transgendered; and people over sixty. 

While you may be able to use mainstream dating sites to find people within your dating preference, alternative personals get rid of all the other members, and provide you with a pool of people who meet exactly your interests.  With that said, some alternative personals site will have fewer users than mainstream sites.  So while the pool of users may include individuals who share your same dating interests, there may not be as large of a selection.  Also, some alternative personals may cater to the national population, but attract the most users from a few cities.  Keep that in mind before you sign up.  The membership pricing and policies can vary for alternative personals.  Some are so small that they are free, while others charge membership fees, and still others use advertising to pay for costs.