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Age: 30
Desires: Conventional, Multiple Encounters

Age: 24
Desires: Discreet, Will Try Anything

Age: 22
Desires: Anything Goes

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Age: 25
Desires: Affair

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Age: 32
Desires: Top, Bottom, Sideways, All Day, All Night

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Age: 33
Desires: Married But Looking

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  • Married But Looking

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  • Affairs

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Age: 27
Desires: Whatever you want...

Age: 34
Desires: Discreet Intimate Encounter

Age: 32
Desires: Anything You Can Think of

Age: 33
Desires: Multiple Encounters, Threesomes

Age: 31
Desires: Discreet Intimate Encounter

Age: 18
Desires: Whatever We Feel Like...

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