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Just for those of you who are interested....

While searching the internet for a part time lover, you may or may not have
discovered the term 'cuckold'.  It seems to be a dirty one at face value & can be
mispronounced a variety of different ways.  The definition is derived from the
cuckoo bird - this philandering bird lays it's eggs in the nests of other birds.  
And then, of course entrusts the current resident nester's to care for the bird.  
The cuckoo bird will do this time and time again, hopping from nest to nest.

A cuckold is defined as a man whose wife has sex with other men or is
adulterous.  The husband is the victim who's wife has wandered from nest to
nest just as the cuckoo bird habitually does.  So guys, don't take it as a
compliment if someone calls you the biggest cuckold in town!

Keep an eye on your better half, as you definitely do not want to be referred to
as the town cuckold.