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Women cheat, men cheat, husbands cheat, wives cheat, boyfriends cheat, and girlfriends cheat.  Why should you be any different?  Why me in the minority?  Over 50% of people in committed relationships admit to cheating!  And that's only the ones who have actually admitted to straying.  

The human animal is not monogamous by nature.  Even those who have managed to stay faithful for their whole lives admit to how hard it was (literally).  The passion and romance that once roared like a tiger often wear out over time and the heart yearns to regain itself.  Years of a relationship, marriage, and children put a toll on a couples flame which can be nearly impossible to relight.  Many of us wonder and even more of us actually allow ourselves to have a discreet affair with a person who feels exactly the way that they do.  There are over a million cheating men and cheating women online right
now, they're making connections and actually fulfilling their fantasies.

The internet has opened the door for anything that anybody is interested in...allows them to be curious on their on time and in the privacy of their own home (or office if the boss isn't looking).  Online dating site of all types are the most highly trafficked on the web.  With everything ranging from ethnic dating, to senior dating, to faith based dating it is no wonder that married dating web services are among the fastest growing niches.  Married but looking is not a new phenomenon to the world as we know it and incidence of infidelity or cheating has not necessarily increased since the advent of the web.  
Married dating sites have simply created a comfortable environment for those who are looking to meet other like minded adults.  Face it husbands get bored, wives get bored, boyfriends get  bored, and girlfriends get bored - there are also those who prefer to be in an uncommitted discreet relationship.

We've all had that itch that we just want to scratch.  Until now, we've had to keep these thoughts to ourselves.  Now, like minded men and women who are in the same position have a comfortable environment to meet other and fulfill those

Top the disbelief of many, a large percentage of users on traditional dating web sites have been found to already be in a relationship.  However, if they were to readily advertise their relationship status, they'd likely be ignored or even booted off of the web site. has been hailed as the savior to all of those that are just not being satisfied at home.  So go ahead, check it out, it's free to browse, there are thousands of member's looking to meet and have more than a little bit of friendly conversation.