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hot married cheaters

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With my wife away on a business trip, I just couldn't take it anymore...I had to
take a look at all of the hot lonely women trolling the internet for a discreet
encounter.  After all, I've got the house to myself, some time on my hands, and
have not been satisfied with my marriage for years.  

No, do not plan on telling my wife about the encounter that I had.  But, after a
few hours of instant messaging & e-mailing with a woman that I just had to have
(& was married herself), we met out for a drink.

Now, dating a cheating housewife isn't just a layup like a lot of people think.  
These women need to be wined and dined as well.  At first she was a it hesitant,
but after a drink or two she loosened up.  We sat at the tavern taking for what
seemed like hours on end.  When the bar was closing up, I did convince this
woman to come home with me where she loosened up like something I had
never seen before.  There is nothing that has even come close to comparing to
the experience I had with this cheating housewife.