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hot married cheaters

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Why is it that when two people get married, the person officiating the wedding
says "I now pronounce you man and wife".  Let me get this straight - the man is
still a man but the woman now becomes a 'wife'.  It's just not right.  A woman is
still a woman - it should either be "I now pronounce you husband and wife" or
else just leave it as " I now pronounce you man and woman" - but I guess that
would sound a little silly.  

As women, we have needs too, and often times our husbands get bored with us
and the passion that we once enjoyed is just not there anymore.  Our husbands
become consumed with work, their friends, other hobbies, the kids, &
sometimes what ever other piece of tail comes along - regardless of their
marital status and their lonely housewife that's just sitting at home waiting for
some excitement.  

I'm just glad that there's an outpost for us housewives that are quite in
numerous (I've got numerous friends who are "cheating housewives").  I
haven't become a cheater yet, but you never know with the right person!