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hot married cheaters

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Being married certainly has its ups and downs.  There are many husbands and wives that never cheat or even think about straying.  But there are those other married folks that just aren't satisfied with their significant other and can not get out of the relationship.  It's that portion of the population that is typically
looking for a discreet affair, those romantic encounters that some of only dream about while others actually go out and get.  

Cheating housewives are the most eager kind of women I've ever met in my life. They're like a coiled spring and are just waiting to pop!  I've had a few discreet encounters - all with women I've met online.  I'm not the best at picking up women in a bar or "breaking the ice".  Meeting women online allows me to meet women in a comfortable environment and to do it in a discreet manner.  I've had an ongoing affair with a cheating housewife for 4 months now ~~~ she was lonely & i was bored - we were a perfect match - especially because we both wanted to keep it a secret.  

Our work & married life schedules coincided and we really clicked ~~