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hot married cheaters

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I just couldn't take it anymore one day - 'i have a headache', 'i'm tired, not tonight', 'i have to get up early', 'i'm not in the mood (again).

I didn't want to have to beg for it one more time, or hear one of those ridiculous excuses that we've all heard before.  Not, only did was I yearning for an affair, but I really wanted someone who was as interested in me as I was them.  I wasn't concerned if they were married or not, although I had gone to one of those "married affairs dating" web sites and did find someone who turned out to be a neglected housewife.  And let me tell you something ----- housewives that no one's payed any attention to for way too long are like coiled springs.   The affair is hot, frequent, and definitely discreet.  The best part is, I guess if the new woman in my life just isn't interested anymore she can stop returning telephone calls - rather than having one of those played out excuses that most of us have hear a million times.  Do yourself a favor and don't make it a million and one.  

I never thought I'd have this great of a time with a cheating housewife!!!!