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hot married cheaters

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Why do women look outside their current marriage or relationship for
satisfaction?  Sometimes it's for emotional reasons, other times it's for purely
physical reasons, sometimes it's both, and then there are the handful of women
that find it hot and exciting to be with a married man.  It gives them a feeling of
empowerment, the married partner is grateful, and it's exciting.  

A lot of married cheating women do not want to leave their families, but just
can not get what they need in the bedroom at home.  Often times both the
husband and the wife are aware that the other is cheating but choose to look the
other way.  Often times husbands and wives are so caught in their own work,
routines, and outside activities that they completely forget about the needs of
their partner.  

Housewives are the most often type of wives that are neglected.  They stay
home all day waiting hand and foot on the children deprived of adult contact.  
After a while their thoughts start to wanter and they look to be fulfilled by
someone new.