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hot married cheaters

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My husband & I have been at odds for the past few years.  He's got a demanding
work schedule & just doesn't won't give me the affection that I so want.  Maybe
he's having an affair himself??  who knows, but the bottom line is I've given up
a career to be a stay-at-home housewife.  It seems that my husband sees me
only as a maternal figure now and just not has the eager & hot housewife that I
am.  and so, I've taken to searching these desperate or cheating housewife sites
& found that I'm definitely not alone - there are tons of wives & even husbands
that are being neglected where it counts.  

I haven't yet cheater or even been speaking to anyone in particular, but if you
just never know if the right person comes along!  Just the thought of having a
fling gets me excited, & the possibility of regaining some affection in my life
gives me even more of a thrill.  So I've looked on numerous of these types of
websites (and there are a few) & have finally joined one of them....and am a trial
member type at two others.  i seem to get tons of responses & absolutely love
the newfound attention that I'm getting!!!!!!!