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hot married cheaters

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Close to half of married folks cheat - any many of their partners know about &
just don't care!  There may be many reasons for this - they may be cheating
themselves, there may be young children to consider, they may not be able to
afford the mortgage payment on their own salary - or they just may view their
husband or wife as a life partner and have just lost physical interest in them
after many years.  It's just not fresh & new anymore - they realize it, you've
realized it - just don't bring your new 'friend' to Thanksgiving dinner (especially
if it's at your inlaws house.  

Asides from the internet, one of the most common places to meet someone for
an extramarital affair is at the office.  Boss's & secretaries, co-workers & other
co-workers, office workers with the cleaning lady!  You name it, it has
happened, and just may still be happening.  Life is short, don't short change
yourself & let everybody else have all the fun.  Go ahead & change your life
today!  Satisfy someone else's wife or husband (& have your own needs met too)