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hot married cheaters

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My wife and I have a great relationship.  We hove being husband and wife but
both agree, and will likely be together forever.  But, we do both like to have an
exrtramarital affair from time to time.  We are open and honest about these
encounters.  We have engaged in threesomes and foursomes over the years - it
really keeps the spice in our relationship.   I guess you can call me a
wife-swapper.   We've both met many great partners online & a discreet type of
relationship site is the best way to do it.  We both love being married to each
other and don't want to lead anybody on. So it's sometimes best to find a
cheating housewife or cheating husband.  The encounters tend to be hotter
because they're so deprived at home.  

Last week I met a housewife who was like nothing I'd ever experienced
before....and said things to me I just couldn't believe.  She me show her interest
in  her like a man who had just gotten out of prison.  Kinda crazy, but I'm up for