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Married Dating

Have you ever had a great first date, only to never hear from the other person again?  Married dating is a tough gig.  It requires a lot of confidence to put yourself out there, and a lot of guts to pick yourself up when things to go quite as well as you had hoped.  Regardless of your married dating past, there are a few simple pieces of advice that can help even the most pessimistic dater glide through an evening smoothly.  The first rule of married dating is to approach your date with a clean slate.  That’s right; leave your baggage at home and approach the evening with a sense of renewal and freedom.  Starting off on a negative foot sets the tone for the rest of the evening.  The second rule of married dating is to listen.  One of the first mistakes people make in married dating is to get nervous and talk about themselves non-stop.  You want to get to know each other, and part of the process is letting your companion get a word in. 

The third rule of married dating is to be confident.  As mentioned before, pulling yourself together for a confident evening out can be tough when you’re feeling less than thrilled with your dating past.  But married dating is an opportunity to put yourself out there with confidence. Remember, confidence does not mean happiness.  You don’t need to exude pure joy; instead, know who you are, what you want, and how you like it.  Confidence is sexy, and will help make your married dating experience better than ever.