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hot married cheaters

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It is much easier to keep the promise to remain faithful than to actually keep it.
The statistics show that one in five wives has had an affair, and experts guess
that there are about twice as many than are ready to admit it that are cheating.  
Men and women are becoming equal in more ways than just pay, and other
societal rights - but they're cheating on each other equally too!  That's rights it
is just as likely for a wife to cheat on her husband as it is a husband to cheat on
his wife.  

Most cheating tends to occur at the 3 to 5 year period in the relationship.  This
is typically when the husband tends to be unsatisfied with his sex life or the wife
feels emotionally deprived.  It's at this point that one or both partners tend to
seek an outpost.  

What else tends to cause the husband or wife next door to you?  Boredom,
thrill of the forbidden, and anything else your curious mind just might dream